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Retail therapy

Retail therapy specialises in providing UK shoppers with a one-stop online shopping portal to any UK market they may wish to purchase goods/services from.

Since Retail therapy's launch in 2015, interest in the Retail therapy online shopping website has been extremely well received by both high street shops and specialist e-commerce shops, as well as by UK service providers.

As a result, the Retail therapy online shopping site features anything and everything from bookshops, to clothes shops, and from gift shops to toy shops.

Retail therapy also feature everything from online fashion shops to large supermarkets for your weekly food shopping. With the Retail therapy online shopping site you will be able to buy mobile phones, DVD's, CD's, electrical goods, as well as articles for your home and garden.

Retail therapy also feature online shops that specialise in gift ideas and flowers.

The Retail therapy online shopping site now features over 3,200 secure sites listed and this number of shops is growing daily.